The Wahl Lithium Ion shaver is a 3 in 1 personal grooming kit for men. The kit comes with 16 pieces including a flex and float shaver head, precision trimmer, and precision detailer.

GetImage.aspxThe body of the shaver allows the different heads to pop on and off easily for quick changes while shaving. The only downfall, if that some heads don’t fit on the same way and can be a challenge to get on, but once you get the hang of the razor, you get a feel for how each head goes on.

Wahl says their lithium-ion battery can last two hours on a single charge, compared to about 40 minutes compared to other shavers. The battery does live up to its expectations, and lasts many shaves without losing power or requiring a charge up.

The kit comes with a plastic stand that has specific spots to hold all of the pieces for the shaver. It also comes with a comb, blade oil, blade brush, blade guard, and travel bag. With purchase of the Wahl Lithium Ion shaver, the user gets a mail in offer for a replacement shaver head.

The shaver head gives a close shave, although if you are shaving with longer facial hair, you might need to go over certain areas multiple times.  The shaver allows for easy precision grooming, the precision trimmer and precision detailer are good for trimming a goatee or doing other beard art.

The Wahl Lithium Ion shaver is great because it can do all of your personal grooming. If you don’t want to shave completely, the trimmer head with a razor guard on it leaves a perfect amount of stubble behind.

The 16 piece kit sells for around $69.99


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