Montenegro may be small in terms of area, but it boasts stunning mountain-ous landscapes, dramatic coast lines, historic monu-ments and truly beautiful walled towns. More than two million tourists visited Montenegro in 2016. The Montenegro coast is just as gorgeous as that of its better known neighbour, Croatia, and it is for good reason that its main tourist destinations can get crowd-ed in summer.

The Riviera

The Bay of Kotor, is proba-bly one of the prettiest bays in the world. On its deepest point lies the equally stunning town of Kotor, a beautifully preserved forti-fied, Medieval town with a vibrant history. Wandering through its labyrinth of narrow and cobblestoned streets, you’ll come across lively piazzas, many an-cient churches and lots of pleasant bars and restau-rants.

Budva is the country’s most popular tourist des-tination and boasts some great beaches as well as a lovely, walled town centre. The old town centre is picturesquely located on a rather small peninsula, and its narrow, winding lanes hide a multitude of historic buildings, churches and small squares.. Budva’s over 30 km long Riviera has been called “The Riviera of Sandy Beaches” and is dot-ted with lovely hamlets and a wealth of historic mon-uments. A strip of hotels and restaurants separates it from the impressive moun-tain massifs of Lovcen.

The small but gorgeous town of Perast saw some of its best architecture arise in the 17th and 18th century, when it belonged to the Republic of Venice. That typically Venetian, baroque architecture has been wonderfully preserved, with highlights including the bujovic, Zmajevic, Badovic and Smekja Palaces which were once owned by wealthy maritime captains. Although less spectacular than nearby JOtor, Herceg Novi (roughly translated as New Castle) is another charming Montenegrin town with a beautiful old centre and a good number of interesting churches, squares and fortresses.

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