(NC) Do you dream of being the next contestant on a reality cooking show? If you think your culinary skills could take on Chef Gordon Ramsay, you’re not alone. There are millions of aspiring, in-home chefs who want to improve their skills.  And whether you are a self-proclaimed expert or new to the kitchen, the following four tools will be sure to help unleash your inner chef, while saving the preparation for your favourite meals:

1. Blend Up Creativity
Did you know that investing in the right blender can actually help you do the work of more than 10 different kitchen appliances? Take your culinary skills from ordinary to extraordinary with a Vitamix Professional Series 750. It can do everything from making ice cream to grinding grains, kneading dough and making whole-food juice and even hot soup. This model features five pre-programmed settings—Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Hot Soups, Puree and Cleaning—to help home chefs make gourmet meals like the pros. Available at specialty and online retailers and vitamix.ca, the Professional Series 750 comes with a full seven-year warranty and recipe book with more than 200 chef-tested recipes ensuring success, regardless of your current culinary skill level.

2. Smart and Savvy Storage
Like most professional chefs, you’ll be preparing foods that are not canned or frozen, so having the latest in storage innovation is a must. Many homeowners are now integrating a commercial refrigerator into their kitchens to help food maintain its freshness longer. Extra-large-capacity refrigerators are available that can actually store up to 34 bags of groceries, eliminating the hassle of running to the store for odds and ends during the week. Other chef-inspired features on newer models include metal cooling to help seal in flavour and maintain a constant temperature. LED lights and interactive displays also make it easy to view the current settings and update your shopping list electronically.

3. Hands-Free Innovation
As the workhorse of the kitchen, we have dozens of daily interactions at the sink. So why not give your kitchen a functionality facelift and upgrade your faucet into the digital age? Motion-activated faucets, like those with Moen’s easy-to-use MotionSense technology, are growing in popularity and are perfect for when your hands are full preparing dinner. With a simple wave of your hand, filling a large pot or pan or turning the faucet on and off has never been so easy. Even cleaning dirty dishes can be more efficient and—believe it or not— enjoyable.

4. The Heat is On—Get Cooking
When preparing a meal for guests or family members, time is of the essence and the heat is on to cook amazing food. No pressure, right? With the latest innovations in induction cooktops, you can stress less and enjoy your cooking experience. Newer models turn up the heat in the kitchen, allowing users to boil water in only 90 seconds. In addition to the professional temperature control, a warming feature is available to keep your food at the right setting as you make the finishing touches to your meal before serving.

With the help of these key kitchen appliances, you’ll expand your culinary creativity and skills in no time.


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