Prince Edward Island indie rockers, Two Hours Traffic rocked the Casbah Wednesday night, as they stopped by Hamilton on their Foolish Blood Tour with Rah Rah.

The Conservation Authority, a Hamilton folk band, opened the show with a short half-hour set. Saskatchewan’s Rah Rah took to the stage next, with an upbeat set, which included band members drumming on the walls and ceiling at times. (Very low ceilings at the venue)

Two Hours Traffic started their set with I Don’t Want 2 Want U off of their newest album Foolish Blood. The band played a thorough mix of songs from each of their four full-length albums, and even played a resurrected version of Better Sorry Than Safe, from their debut self-titled album.

THT casbahEven though the band is on tour promoting Foolish Blood, lead singer and guitarist Liam Corcoran said the band was going to play “a nice sampling of all of our songs.”

The band played quite a few favourites off of their 2007 album Little Jabs, including Heroes of the Sidewalk, Sure Can Start, & Jezebel, before ending the show with Stuck For the Summer. Two Hours Traffic returned to the stage for a well-deserved encore after the small, yet enthusiastic crowd, remained cheering after the original set was completed.

When Corcoran and the gang returned to the stage they played Stolen Earrings off of Little Jabs, before bidding farewell to the crowd around 12:30 a.m. He said the band would be sticking around the bar afterwards if anyone wanted to say hello.

The very humble and friendly Two Hours Traffic played an enthusiastic, yet relaxed, hour-long show. The band let their music do the talking, and only added a few words in between songs. The show was well worth the small admission price to see an exceptionally talented band play at an intimate venue.


  1. I Don’t Want 2 Want U
  2. Weightless
  3. Whenever We Finish
  4. Magic
  5. Meaning of Love
  6. Amour Than Amis
  7. Nighthawks
  8. Heroes of the Sidewalk
  9. Sure Can Start
  10. Territory
  11. O My Love
  12. Audrey
  13. Better Sorry Than Safe
  14. Jezebel
  15. Stuck For the Summer


18. Stolen Earrings


Shawn McGuire is a Montreal-born and now Hamilton-based journalist who enjoys covering news in the Steel City. He’s a sports fan, vegan, music enthusiast, & vinyl record lover.

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