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Twighlight Tea at The Windsor Arms Hotel


Last week, on of Toronto’s Five Star hotels, the Windsor Arms was gracious enough to invite me over for Twilight Tea. Before we headed in for tea, Christine, my lovely host, took me on a beautiful tour of the historical property. I had no idea we had such a little gem nestled in the heart of Yorkville.

First off, you walk in and see this  beautiful grand chandelier and a cozy little bar lobby with a very old school mob kinda groove to it. First stop on the tour is the spa, its beautiful roof top patio and then the guest suits. For such a little gem, (28 unique suites) this property packs a lot of history and a big punch of personality. For example, each suite comes with its own personal musical instrument, from baby grand pianos to cellos, and guitars. The Toronto International Film Festival was also founded in the hotel and it’s had some super famous celebrity diva’s under its roof – including B. Spears, T. Turner, and K. Hepburn.


Now time for the main attraction – Twilight Tea! I love going for Afternoon tea because it makes me feel like a princess and when you walk in with a ridiculous hat or fascinator – nobody judges – in fact you’re often applauded for putting a bird in your hair and making it work with your outfit! Twilight tea is the same concept, but it happens in the evening, and the portions are more filling. Sounds awesome right? RIGHT!


The first thing I noticed was that every guest receives their very own unique tea cup and tea pot. I was blessed with this little beauty and my Passion Fruit Tea (which was excellent and fruity by the way) came in a beautiful fat little tea pot adorned with pink roses – how fitting! ;-D

The menu consisted of : Half Poached Shrimp with Capers Creme on Rye Roll, Roast Beef with Mild Horseradish on Whole Wheat, Smoke Salmon with Creme Cheese on a Pumpernickel Roll, Petit Four Selection, Croque Monsieur and Sparking Raspberry Sorbet with a shot of Proseco. Not pictured is the Shallot & Goat Cheese Tart (served warm), Scones, Belgium Endive and Pear Chutney on Pain de mie.

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This was the first time I ever walked away from tea completely full! Well done Windsor Arms – you’ve accomplished the impossible! The sandwiches although tiny and adorable were quite filling to say the least. The Croque Monsieur, Roast Beef, and the scones were definitely my favourite part. They provided a house made guava jam that was absolutely bomb diggity as well. The scone was only so big but I kept adding lashings and lashings of this jam on anything I could find! I even asked if they sold this stuff! Sadly they don’t. My least favourite had to be the Belgium Endive, I wasn’t a fan of the endive and pear combo.


The sorbet at the end was also a really sweet touch. It was a great pallet cleanser and a superb finish to the meal. There was so many little parts of the hotel that had a story to tell I probably could have spent all day exploring the place!

Thank you to Christine and the Windsor Arms for inviting me over for Tea. I truly adored the experience and am looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store this coming Spring.


* I was a guest of the Windsor Arms Hotel but the opinions expressed and the pictures shown are my own *

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