From the number of emails, texting,and cell-phone calls  that are aimed at  our pc’s, tablets,  connected cars ,appliances and TV’s we are becoming overloaded with information.

Information bombardment was the theme of Dr. Nick Bontis’ at Burlington Mayor’ Luncheon Series hosted  by Burlington Economic Development Corporation.  Nick Bontis is a recognized knowledge management and intellectual capital guru who easily kept the attention of the 200 plus in attendance.

The basis of Nick’ presentation and book, Information Bombardment-Rising Above the Digital Onslaught, is that our ability to absorb knowledge is being tested to a greater degree. And the ability to not only discern what is important to us but also to what and to whom we are directing information is an ongoing and increasing challenge.

He proposed that figuring out where we direct our attention effectively was our scarcest resource and not time. “Collaboration is a myth which has lost its meaning,”  he said, “we need to consider the importance of how people like to receive our information.

By finding only a handful in the audience who could function in Arabic, Chinese or Hindi Nick demonstrated his idea that we work in an ‘anglophonic’ world and are thus missing more and more information. The  presentation was well received and gave many in the audience food for thought as they digested their lunch and got back to checking their ‘crackberry’s’.

Article written By Edward Cowan

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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