Despite an emphatic denial from James Clapper, the Obama head of intelligence, and a New York Times story that the FBI will issue a denial as well, Donald Trump insists his phone was tapped during the 2016 election on orders from President Obama. News media over the weekend were abuzz with the startling allegations and the battle lines couldn’t be clearer. Government officials interviewed said it is impossible for a president to order a wiretap, and that for a court to grant permission there would have to be probable cause shown. Trump wants congress to investigate, which it almost certainly will and that could push the controversy off the front pages for weeks or months. The Trump accusations came in a series of early morning tweets Saturday after a week that had started promisingly with a speech by Trump to Congress that was widely praised for its moderate tone. But within 24 hours the media were reporting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had not been truthful when he told senators that he had not had contact with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

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