With the entry of Justin Trudeau into the Liberal leadership race, the cognoscenti are now speculating about whether he has sufficient gravitas to lead the party. He is compared unfavourably to his intellectual father. Those of us who voted in our first federal election in 1968 can perhaps shed some light on the issue. Pierre Trudeau was indeed  an intellectual, but that isn’t what got him elected. He got elected because women found him sexy. They swarmed him, they kissed him, they screamed at him. While campaigning in St. Mary’s he stripped down and went swimming in a quarry, allowing his female fans to eyeball his athletic physique. The other thing that made Trudeau so popular is that just prior to the 1968 campaign,in a very brief stint as justice minister he made abortion and homosexuality legal and made divorce easier. (The latter measure, not a bad idea as so many of the 60’s generation had entered marriage unwisely) It doesn’t hurt to be the smartest guy in the room, but it’s not absolutely essential to be Prime Minister. More important is his choice of people to help him do the job.

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