With the provincial election looming, one gets the impression local NDP MPPs Monique Taylor and Paul Miller, along with leader Andrea Horwath are holding their collective breath hoping to somehow get through the election without having to deal with the very serious human rights complaints and grievances that have been filed by former constituency office employees.  What we have heard  so far are allegations of bullying, harassment, racist and misogynist remarks and  counselling to file a false sexual harassment complaint. What has been revealed as well are instances of apparent misuse of public funds as workers are pressed into partisan political activity on the taxpayer’s dime, and further squandering of public funds on severance packages and paying employees embroiled in labour disputes to stay home. It would be laughable that the party that professes to speak for labour has such an apparent shabby record in its own labour relations with staff, were it not for the cost to taxpayers, the reduction in service to the public and the pain that it has caused to the individuals involved—at least four of whom are on medical stress leaves.

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