Ten-year-old Jake McKee who was diagnosed with ependymoma spine and brain tumours at an early age got the dream of a lifetime as winner of the 3-minute dash at Toys“R”Us. Jake was able to scoop up over $2,000 worth of toys incluAfter countless surgeries, Jake now wears a leg brace and uses a walker to assist with daily activities. Starlight Canada has provided a wealth of distractive entertainment to help him cope with his daily struggles,from participating in Starlight’s Great Escapes program, which includes weekend getaways and fun activities like snowmobiling, to winning the 3-Minute Dash. Jake and his family are finally able to enjoy some relief while battling his difficult diagnosis.

“The 3-Minute Dash is truly a heartwarming initiative that directly shows the positive results distraction and happiness can bring to a seriously ill child,” said Brian Bringolf, Executive Director, Starlight Canada. “The ability to see a child enjoying a few minutes of carefree fun instead of worrying about their illness and the daily struggle it brings, is exactly the type of relief we strive to bring to families across the nation — something we simply couldn’t achieve without the generous support of our longtime partners Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us Canada.”

Throughout their 17 year partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada, Toys“R”Us, Canada has raised over $14 million dollars for the children’s charity.


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