The Toshiba Satellite Z930 Ultrabook is a hi-tech powerhouse. It comes with an i7 3rd generation processor and a 256GB SSD. Although the form factor brings fragility to the product. With 6GB of RAM, the ultrabook smoothly delivers and satisfies any users needs. Bluetooth 4.0 further complements the powerful ultrabook; adding peripherals a breeze.

The Z930 delivers a guaranteed 4 hour battery life, an ethernet port, 1 USB 3.0, and 2 USB 2,0, HDMI and VGA ports, separate headphone and microphone jacks, and an SD card reader.

Aside from the fragile form factor, the Z930 is a strong contender in todays ultrabook market. After installing some basic primary programs, the boot time nearly tripled. Despite the sluggish boot time, the Z930 continued to perform well. Also, the spill-resistant backlit keyboard is an excellent feature.

For people who want a small ultra thin notebook, this is a gem. In terms of its usefulness and ease of use, the small keyboard is a breeze to type on for writers and people who actually make use of it. The LCD screen is thin, which can mean damage can come easier, but as long as its taken care of it will produce amazing HD quality for the little powerhouse it is.


The screen is very delicate. The placement of the hinges causes the screen to flex when the lid is opened and closed. In the long run this can cause cracks to the screen, making it not durable at all. The audio quality for a machine this big is great,


In conclusion, it’s a powerful ultra book, very light, wielding a long lasting battery, and comes with a beautiful LED display. Applications run painlessly, programs open with ease, we tested its ability to run World of Warcraft at high graphics quality and it plays effortlessly. Carrying it around is a joy because of the slim and light. The startup takes less than a 30 seconds from a hibernate, which is no hassle at all.


The cooling fan on the bottom has been upgraded to eliminate past overheating issues. Our  test model kept a balanced temperature throughout all  The only heat noted was during World of Warcraft gameplay. Don’t try to move it around by holding it by the screen, or put any pressure towards it. Sometimes the keyboard can miss strokes, but as long as you press harder its definitely something one can get used to. Its secured under Toshiba’s 1 year warranty, so if anything were to go wrong, everyone’s covered.

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