1ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator


This app lets you choose a market environment, like a “market crash” or a “trending market” scenario, and uses historical charts to allow you to practice trading in that environment. One to check out for market timers and technical traders.

Available on: iPad



2FRED Economic Data


For those unfamiliar with FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data), it’s a massive repository with tens of thousands of time series for various economic datapoints. Now, you can chart 34,000 economic data series from around the world, right on your mobile device.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android



3CNBC Real-Time


If you missed a big interview on CNBC, you can find it on the iPad app. The app is great for looking at real-time data, too–it features 24-hour-a-day live streaming quotes for futures and pre-market and after-hours quotes for equities.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android





Designed by NYU Stern valuation guru Aswath Damodaran, this app lets you do valuation modeling right on your iPad. Six models to work with–just input the numbers and go from there.

Available on: iPhone, iPad




5NetDania Forex


Live updating quotes on currency pairs, global stock exchanges, and key commodities, as well as an awesome feed with economic data releases around the world. The best part: you can set up the app to send you push notifications when economic data is released.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android

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