large_a6f8500a-90e4-1cb0The Titan H1 is a hand-crafted safety razor by Above the Tie, the razor is made from grade 303 stainless steel and is made in the United States.

The razor has a very smart and sleek look with a stainless steel matte finish on it. The head of the razor is a twist-off and is compatible with any blade, the handle also fits Weber, Tradede OC, Goodfella, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Gillette, Old Type, and Tech heads.

The Titan H1 has a nice heavy weight to it despite its small size, and makes for a very close shave. The razor’s weight allows it to do most of the work, the user merely has to hold it up to their face and slightly pull down while the weight of the razor does the rest of the work.

The handle has a comfortable grip engraved on it, which makes it comfortable to hold and prevents it from slipping out of your hand.

On the reverse side of the top cap of the razor are two pins that ensure correct blade alignment for the best shave possible.

The Titan H1 safety razor sells for $185.00 on abovethetie.com. The price is high, however, the Titan H1 is designed to last a lifetime so provided it doesn’t get lost, it could be the last razor you ever buy.

For those who enjoy fine shaving equipment, the Titan H1 is sure to please.

Shawn McGuire is a Montreal-born and now Hamilton-based journalist who enjoys covering news in the Steel City. He’s a sports fan, vegan, music enthusiast, & vinyl record lover.

One Comment to: Above the Tie- Titan H1 Razor: Review

  1. Scott Howell

    May 19th, 2013

    I happen to learn about the Above the Tie Titan while researching blades. I already own a perfectly good Merkur 38C, but I was intrigued by the solid stainless steel construction, warranty, and return policy. I decided to purchase this razor and glad I did. THe quality is excellent, fit and finish excellent, and a very well balanced razor. All that adds up to a joy to use. Yes, this is an expensive razor, but it is a quality tool that you will use daily and a quality tool is not going to be the least expensive tool I actually do prefer the weight of this razor over the Merkur, which is no slouch of a razor. I can highly recommend the Above the Tie. In fact when I asked a couple of questions, I received a very prompt reply from Stan. If you do purchase this razor I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


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