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The Thermals are set to release their sixth studio album entitled Desperate Ground April 16, the album will their first since signing with the Omaha, Nebraska-based Saddle Creek Records.

The album follows up The Thermals’ 2010 album Personal Life that was the first Thermals album to feature drummer Westin Glass, who joined the band shortly after they recorded their 2009 album Now We Can See.

Desperate Ground is very reminiscent of The Thermals’ very successful 2006 album The Body, the Blood, the Machine. The album features the same guitar distortion effects as on The Body, the Blood, the Machine and has a similar muffled effect on the vocals.

The first single off the album Born To Kill, was released in March and a music video for the song was also released. The video depicts bassist Kathy Foster and drummer Westin Glass beating up and pistol whipping lead-singer Hutch Harris to the point where he has blood gushing from his face.

Desperate Ground is full of short catchy indie power-pop songs. The album goes back to the roots of The Thermals and goes in a different direction than the band’s previous two albums. Despite the small change in sound, the album is a logical step forward for The Thermals.

Portland, Oregon-based Thermals will be hitting the road this spring to promote their new album and will be playing the famous Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on May 21. Tickets are available through

Track list:

1.  Born To Kill
2. You Will Be Free
3.  The Sunset
4.  I Go Alone
5.  The Sword By My Side
6.  You Will Find Me
7.  Faces Stay With Me
8.  The Howl Of The Winds
9.  Where I Stand
10.  Our Love Survives

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