Photo 2013-03-22 8 01 20 PMThe Price is Right LIVE took over Hamilton place on Friday March 22nd, filling the auditorium for two shows. A second show was scheduled when the first sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale.

Attendees are given the iconic price tag name sticker and directed to register their names to be picked as contestants. Hoards of people showed up clad in their homemade t-shirts covered in clever sayings. One group of women donned matching shirts saying, “All of this, if the price is right.”

The on-stage show version of this classic game show runs a little differently than the original television show.

Todd Newton, entertainment personality from other game shows like Whammy!, hosted the Hamilton shows. He did a good job hosting the show, cracking Price-is-Right-style jokes and witty lines that kept the audience laughing.

Contestants row is generally the same, with some prizes physically shown, but most displayed on a big projection screen. The first man to win contestants row got the pleasure of playing the classic game, Cliffhangers. He won the game with just a $2 margin, walking away with a new iMac computer. Other classic games like, Hole in One (Or Two), Any Number, and crowd-favourite Plinko were played.Photo 2013-03-22 8 07 33 PM

The live show had the same energy as the television show, with the crowd hollering prices, their hands in the air to show those playing the pricing game they thought that Shake Weight was worth $25.

In order to give everyone a better chance of being picked, a separate three people are chosen to spin the big wheel, instead of the three who won contestants row.  One woman, who’s to be married next month, won $850 after she spun the wheel to land on the one-dollar spot.

One more new contestant is chosen to play in the Showcase Showdown, which is also run differently. The contestant had the oppostunity to win a Smart Car, among other things, but unfortunately lost the game.

The live show is a bit different, but it feels the same as watching the show on television. When you’re in the auditorium with the kitschy shirts and flashing lights, it feels like Bob Barker might walk on stage at any minute. Ultimately, the live show is for the dedicated fans of The Price is Right, it’s a fun night out and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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