The Burlington Performing Arts Centre recently commissioned an Economic Impact Study that showed the 2014 total economic impact of The Centre is estimated at just over $7.8 million for the Burlington area economy.

This impact has grown steadily since 2011 as the number of events and associated attendance at The Centre has grown. The study further shows that The Centre has retained cultural expenditures and related economic impact, as Burlington residents stay here to consume their cultural product more often. This repatriation of the cultural spending in Burlington translates to roughly $1.3 million of economic activity annually.

“Patron expenditures flow through the local economy in the form of sales in local businesses, restaurants and stores and impact both prosperity of business and create jobs”, said Executive Director Suzanne Haines. “The Centre’s operations and the expenditures of its patrons are estimated to account for roughly one hundred full-time equivalents each year, sixty-six percent of these jobs are in the community”.

Over fifteen thousand patrons were surveyed and approximately two thousand responses were completed, representing a thirteen percent return rate, considered a high response, which makes the study statistically significant. The survey found that fifty percent of The Centre’s patrons indicated they combine food as part of their performing arts experience and twenty-three percent of patrons shop as part of their performing arts experience.

Ninety percent of The Centre’s patrons rate overall performance quality as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ and seventy-five percent indicated performances to be ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ value for the ticket price.

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