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[review]Canadian indie rockers Tegan and Sara return with their seventh studio album Heartthrob, which follows up their 2009 hit album Sainthood, which was a short-list nominee for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. Heartthrob debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 chart, having sold 49,000 copies in its first week.

The album carries a much different sound than any Tegan and Sara album in the past. The duo dropped much of the indie rock for this album, electing to go in an electronic/ indie pop direction.

Their first single off the album, Closer was release back in September, a full five months before the album. The song starts off with some electronic sounds and a catchy lyric “All I want to get is, a little bit closer.” The tune was accompanied by a music video that depicts the identical twin sisters singing the song karaoke at a house party.

The second single off the album, I’m Not Your Hero was also released well before the album and is just as catchy. It too has some new electronic sounds to it, but also sounds like it could have been a track on Sainthood. The song combines Tegan and Sara’s new electro-pop sound with their former indie-rock sound from previous albums.

The 10-track album is definitely the most commercially appealing record they have put out so far, and it’s no surprise that it has been their most successful as well. The album is a logical step forward for Tegan and Sara, who have slowly been progressing towards a pop sound from their acoustic/ alternative rock sound they had in their early days.

Track List

  1. Closer
  2. Goodbye, Goodbye
  3. I Was a Fool
  4. I’m Not Your Hero
  5. Drove Me Wild
  6. How Come You Don’t Want Me
  7. I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
  8. Love They Say
  9. Now I’m All Messed Up
  10. Shock To Your System

Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Edition)

  1. Guilty as Charged
  2. I Run Empty
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