Clr. Terry Whitehead and Hamilton Police Chief Glenn DeCaire are embroiled in a debate over whether or not some photographs Whitehead took show that two members of the police ACTION squad were goofing off or not. Clr. Whitehead says the two pictures purportedly taken at the beginning and the end of the encounter between the two officers, indicated they were chatting for 40 minutes. The Chief says the two were only talking a few seconds. The Bay Observer, under no danger of being accused of being cutting edge technologically, nonetheless offers the following:

  1. Plug Camera containing the pictures into a computer using a USB cord, or remove  memory stick from camera and insert in computer.

  2. Click on the first picture of the two referenced by Clr. Whitehead

  3. Right-click on picture and click “properties”

  4. On the “properties” menu click the “details” tab.

  5. Date  the picture was taken and the time (to the second) will be displayed.

  6. Repeat the process with the second picture and record elapsed time.

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