In February 1976, two friends from Burlington set out on a six-month hostelling, and hitchhiking road adventure beginning in Canada’s West Coast, and continuing down the Pacific Coast of the United States. While living at the YWCA in Vancouver, Ontario teens Jill Nelson and friend Jan found short-term employment as chambermaids, enabling them to travel south of the border through Washington and Oregon, to California, where they spent several months before returning home across Western Canada.

Derived from journals faithfully depicting the girls’ daily experiences and encounters between February and August 1976, brought to life is an enriched narrative characterized by an assorted cast including hippies, outlaws, New Age visionaries, sages, witches, mystics, medicine men, Vietnam Vets, lonely hearts, and more.

“What makes our story unique, “recalls Jill “is that my friend and I lacked the benefit(s) of having access to technology and social media.  Long distance phone calls were expensive; our parents instructed us to reserve collect calls for special occasions.  At 17 and 18 years of age when we set out, we relied upon letter writing, journal keeping, and studied road maps.  We looked out for one another.  When all was said and done, we’d hitchhiked nearly 3000 miles.” in the spirit of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Tapes from California: Teenage Road Tripping, 1976 offers a personal and refreshing portrait that treads a delicate path between vulnerability and courage experienced during the unfettered, less restrictive 1970s era.Tapes from California, Teenage Road Tripping, 1976, is Jill C. Nelson’s third book. It is available at Amazon and also Chapters/Indigo.

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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