Horrified! The inevitable human response to carnage visited on innocents by indiscriminate terror assault. Occurring with increasing frequency, these attacks on civilians going about their daily lives in open societies, result in increasing public calls for resolute action by politicians. Action to safeguard our places of public assembly. Action to minimize opportunity for terrorists to kill, maim and thereby sow seeds of fear.

Political hackles will be raised by my suggesting societal fear may, in fact, be a by-product of video evidence of brutal mass loss of life, of interviews with the badly injured and hospitalized, of visuals of parents screaming their anguish over a dying child.

Surely, the masses don’t doubt decisions taken by governments? Surely political assurances are sufficient to quell any sense of foreboding. Surely!

Perhaps not.

When 67% of Canadians nationally informed pollsters they questioned the effectiveness of security screening for 25,000 Syrian refugees rushed into Canada to satisfy an election campaign commitment by our current Prime Minister, the almost immediate response from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was to leap to the defence of Ottawa and simultaneously publicly admonish that plurality of Canadians. “What we can’t give in to, I think, is allowing security to mask racism. That’s the danger and that somehow talking about security allows us to tap into that racist vein, when that isn’t who we are,” rattled the Premier.

A legitimate concern expressed by a significant plurality of Canadian is thrown back into our faces as Kathleen Wynne suggests we’re sly racists. And yes, Madam Premier, I am one of the 67% of Canadians who had and still has concerns about federal government security screening of Syrian refugees.

Former British Columbia Liberal Premier and former federal Minister of Health Ujjal Dosanjh replied to Wynne’s gratuitous and nasty insult by writing “Premier Wynne: Did you just call me a racist and xenophobe? Yes, You Did! Did I take it personally? Yes. I took it personally on behalf of the 67% of Canadians who disagree with the year-end deadline imposed by the Canadian government to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees into the country. You tarred a whole lot of fair, just, thoughtful and compassionate Canadians with the brush of xenophobia and racism. That is hurtful and truly Un-Canadian!”

The fact is, Kathleen Wynne represents a generation of politicians who grew up comfortably shielded from conflict by the sacrifice of her parents generation, which literally paid in their own blood and sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy. Too many of today’s politicians appear to not be equipped with sufficient spine to emulate their fathers and mothers who recognized genocide and responded.

Days after Brussels and mere months after Paris, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry chattered that ISIS is resorting to terror attacks in Europe because their base is being eroded in the Middle East and they recognize they are losing. Perhaps someone should inform ISIS.

In the meantime, there’s still the matter of the Ontario Premier accusing almost 70% of Canadians of perhaps having a sly racist agenda.

Written by: Roy Green

Providing a fresh perspective for Hamilton and Burlington

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