On Monday night, the 2012 NBL Canada hosted their Draft. Eighteen players were drafted over three rounds, with the Summerside Storm receiving five total picks.

The expansion Windsor Express drafted 6’10 Centre Robert Curtis first overall in the 2012 NBL Canada Draft. The Saint John Mill Rats later acquired the Express’ #1 pick by trading their first round #5 pick and rights of guard Isaac Kuon.

The Moncton Miracles acquired All-Star Forward Tyrone Levett & Centre Christian Upshaw in exchange for their #2 pick (1st Round) in a trade prior to the draft. The Miracles also selected forward Kamar Burke, the first Canadian taken in the 2012 NBL Canada Draft, with the eighth and final pick of the first round.

The Summerside Storm left the draft with a total of six players. The Storm traded the rights of Louie McCroskey and cash considerations to Oshawa Power, acquiring first round draft pick Chad Gillaspy from Oshawa.

The 2012 NBL Canada Champion London Lightning made moves by acquiring the Laval Kebs’ first and second round picks for cash considerations. They also closed out the evening by selecting guard Obinna Agomo with the final selection in the 2012 NBL Canada Draft.

2012 NBL Canada Draft

Round 1

Windsor Express – Robert Curtis – 6’10”/Centre
Moncton Miracles – Anthony Johnson – 6’8/Forward
Summerside Storm – James Hassell – 6’11/Centre
Oshawa Power – Chad Gillaspy – 6’7/Forward
Saint John Mill Rats – Michael Helms – 6’2/Guard
Laval Kebs – Adrian Moss – 5’10/Guard
Summerside Storm (Acquired from Halifax Rainmen) – Avery Smith – 6’4/Guard
Moncton Miracles (Acquired from London Lightning) – Kamar Burke – 6’5/Forward

Round 2

Windsor Express – Kevin Loiselle – 6’6”/Forward
Moncton Miracles – Terance Licorish – 6’9”/Centre
Summerside Storm – Reginald Robinson – 6’1/Guard
Oshawa Power – Amani Daanish – 6’8/Forward
Saint John Mill Rats – Darin Mency – 6’2/Guard
Laval Kebs – Travis Cohn – 6’2/Guard
Halifax Rainmen – Courtland Bluford – 6’2/Guard
London Lightning – Jerome Richardson – 6’5/Forward

Round 3

Windsor Express – Wayne Portalatin – 6’9/Centre
Moncton Miracles – Collin Whitely – 6’6/Forward
Summerside Storm – Michael Norwood – 6’6/Forward
Oshawa Power – Jamaal Smith – 5’11/Guard
Saint John Mill Rats – Taneiko Robinson – 6’6/Forward
Laval Kebs – Emmanuel Trinquieur – 6’4/Guard
Summerside Storm (Acquired from Halifax Rainmen) – Brandon Bush – 6’6/Forward
London Lightning – Obinna Agomo – 6’3/Guard

Draft Night Transactions

Saint John Mill Rats trades #5 pick (1st Round) and rights of Isaac Kuon to Windsor Express for #1 pick (1st Round).

Halifax Rainmen trades rights of Tyrone Levett and Christian Upshaw to Moncton Miracles for #2 pick (1st Round).

Summerside Storm trades rights of Louie McCroskey and cash considerations to Oshawa Power for #4 pick (1st Round).

Oshawa Power trades rights of Brandon Robinson to Halifax Rainmen for cash considerations and future 2013 draft pick.

London Lightning acquires Laval Kebs‘ 1st Round pick and 2nd Round pick for cash considerations.

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