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Posted on April 08, 2012, 7:24 pm
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Guidelines for completing important parts of the event form:

Title: Choose the title carefully – the title should clearly indicate the theme of your event, and attract the attention of your target group.

Date: For a one (1) day event, only complete the ‘start date’. If your event takes place over two (2) or more days, please also include the ‘end date’. This is important information for potential event participants – it will help them plan their visit.

Target audience: This is an opportunity to confirm the target group for your event. Simply describe the individuals whom you would like to attend and contribute to your event.

Links: Use this part of the form to provide www links to your organizations website, webpages that promote the event you are registering, or any other online content of relevance to your event.

Event details: Here you are encouraged to provide a detailed description of your event, including the aims of the event and the event programme. Make sure you include the most important and interesting information in this section.

Event Location: Ensure your potential guests know where they need to go!

Contact person: Make sure that questions about your event are directed to the correct person.

File attachments: Use this facility to upload any supporting information for the event. For example, the event programme, maps of the location, and an event registration form. You can upload a variety of file types, but it is recommended that you use .pdf .doc or .xls files to maximize accessibility.


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