As a busy mom of 3 small children and the owner, Certified Fitness Professional and Nutrition Wellness Specialist of Fit4Females, I know the struggles of trying to stay balanced with nutrition and fitness. So keep it simple and spring clean your training routine today!

Here are the Top Five to Spring Alive tips:

1. Spring Hustle – get outside and power walk 10 minutes a day, add a short sprint, hustle up the stairs, start small and build up. Increase your heart rate and happy hormones for Spring.

2. Power Out – Think small fitness goals everywhere you go and power them out as hard as you can. Be sure to squat, plank, lunge, push up and crunch and build your lean Spring body now. Try these at work, incorporate your kids, play at the park, and use the outdoor jungle gyms and benches for exercises. Start with 10 reps of each exercise.

3. Set a MOW (Motivation of the Week) Goal – Write down your Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness goal for the week. Keep it simple and be accountable. Small steps bring big results.

4. Spring Attack – Pack friendly snacks to prevent Spring hunger attacks. Nutrition is key to a lean body. Think nuts, pumpkin seeds, fresh veggies, hummus, apples, healthy homemade smoothies, etc. Pack an emergency snack pack in your car, purse and at your office desk. Enjoy free smoothie recipes here.

5. Spring to it – PEN in your workouts. Plan for 10 to 20 minute challenges every other day. Try free MOM (Motivation of the Month) Fit Challenges here.

It’s time to get moving so try my Fit4Females March Fit Challenge today and build a body that you love.

Fit4Females March Fit Challenge – “Love My Spring Legs”

1. Lunge alternating legs;

2. Mountain Runners on a park bench or on the floor;

3. Squat or Squat Jacks; and

4. Leg Lifts with a heel drop off a bench or toward floor. Perform 10-16 reps of each exercise for 8 minutes with minimal rest. Try this challenge 3 to 5 times per week at home, outdoors or at the park with your children. You will be spring ready before you know it.

Keep it simple. Start small and work your way up. Start making yourself a priority today and shake off the winter chills. Remember, strong is the New Skinny!


Trina Medves

Owner and Trainer

2012 Gold Award Winner “Best Boot Camp and Best Women’s only Fitness Club”


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