As I am sure all of you know, Supercrawl this weekend was absolutely fantastic! There was so much to do, awesome bands to see, food trucks to sample, boutiques and booths to shop, and some pretty snazzy people watching. Here are some of my picks for Supercrawl 2012’s best dressed…

Danielle, too cool for words… This dress blew my mind.

Heather is the world’s cutest busker. Such a laidback, cool style, and she is super-sweet to boot.

Back to basics with Blair. I am pulling my denim vest out of my closet immediately.

This fashionista is Alicia. She and her sister are The Factory and were at Supercrawl selling a really cool collection of re-vamped vintage pieces, but if you missed them, you can also find them online here.

Some pieces from The Factory. These girls love their studs. But who doesn’t?

Anita, in a perfect Supercrawl outfit.

Huyen pulled off a fantastic bold fall lip. I love it!

Skyler and Courtney were just adorable. I love Courtney’s layering strategy so much!

Chantelle Rose is the brilliant designer behind the jewelry line Howl (Etsy store coming soon!). She is wearing a couple of her own pieces here, including necklace and headpiece.

I couldn’t resist picking up one of these babies (in silver) for myself.

Fuji owns the world’s coolest shoes. And the world’s coolest shirt.

Michelle and Scott, pals in coordinating fall-coloured trousers.

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