Real Estate season is upon us once again. LocalReal Estate Experts report that Hamilton- Wentworth continues to buck the national trend-Hamilton home prices continue to be on the rise. When selling your home it is very important that your home step forward on all levels. Professional Staging Services will transform your home into another family’s dream. Staging is not about your family’s home life, it is about creating an environment that others wish to live in. Staging is one of the core services offered by BRANCH Design Inc..

Here are the top five tips from Branch Design Inc:

1) De-clutter• Potential buyers need to see your house not your possessions.

2) De-Personalize• Potential buyers need to see your house not pictures of your family, friends or pets.

3) Clean your house inside and out• A clean house communicates a home well cared for.

4) Repair/Refresh• Potential buyers can have difficulty seeing past peeling paint, cracked panes glass and/or damaged cabinetry. Make necessary repairs.

5) Defined Rooms• The rooms in your home should be shown as the rooms that they were intended to be. Your dining room should be your dining room not your office.

The value of your ef-forts in preparing yourhome for sale cannot beunderestimated. Staging equals positive results.

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