Last Monday, I attended Soupfest at the Hamilton Convention Centre. The event was sponsored by FirstOntario Credit Union in support of Living Rock, a resource centre for youth-at-risk.  Living Rock prepares 900 meals and emergency food for 200 youths per week as well as prenatal and parenting, crisis and housing support, and employment training and work experience for youths five days per week.  I’m always down for something that combines a good cause and yummy food!


This was my first time at Soupfest and I wasn’t too sure what to expect – but what we walked into was twenty four quality restaurants serving up piping hot bowls of soup, free bread stations, live entertainment and local celebrity servers! All participating restaurants are also competing for Best Soup, Most Creative Soup, Best Display and The Best Grow Local category.

Pictured Above is the 1st Runner up of Best Grown Local from Radius Cafe. This was the first soup we tried and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a “creamed” soup. I thought a majority of the restaurants would take the easy way out and offer up a “creamed of..” soup but was greatly surprised when we only ran into a few of those!


This was the Thirsty Cactus’ Lobster Poutine soup (2nd runner up for Most Creative). I found it less poutine and more of just a creamed potato soup but props for actual lobster chunks!

There was a large crowd but the line ups were moving pretty fast and everyone serving up soup was really friendly and in good spirits. I was blown away by the hospitality of the La Cantina station. I stopped going there a few years ago after a really sour experience but I will definitely put it back on my radar after this. Over all everyone was super friendly and it really gave me a chance to sample more of the local culinary scene.


To find out more about Living Rock and their cause, please head on over to their website here

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