It’s getting to be a bit cluttered out there in the world of smart phones. So much so, that the decisions available are getting more complex than ever before. The recent release of the Apple iPhones was launched with so much noise, but not really a ton of exciting new features. It appears that we have finally reached the end of the “amazing” things that a phone can do. It’s coming down to the efficiency and speed now. The PC market hit this plateau in the early 2000’s, when it couldn’t get any more features packed in and it was about increasing RAM and Hard drive space. The overall “new” features have been…worn out. When Apple is announcing some amazing new colours in their upcoming models that’s when I can see the writing on the wall. Blackberry, may be sold off and officially it’s on the “who knows what will happen” list.

This is very sad, as I truly believed in the Blackberry it is very efficient and capable of doing some amazing things. I loved how it put all your information together and links it between your contact and your calendar. Many businesses and people migrated off of the Blackberry because of the it failed to come up with the array of applications its competitors had. My business being one of them. It’s interesting that Windows still exists in the mobile market but that might be because $9 of every android phone goes to Microsoft. Not too shabby for a phone that has very little market share. The Windows phone however is extremely capable of being a powerful device and works extremely well with all of the Windows applications. If you’re migrating to the new cloud system of Office 365 then it will become an extremely powerful tool. It won’t be long before Microsoft are considered a major player again. Microsoft purchase of Yammer, Skype and the launch of their new office application online gives them a great foundation to build on. Samsung continues to be innovative on the open source software Android created.

If you didn’t know, android is owned by Google. Google has quite a head start with respect to the mobile market and is climbing quickly with its online Google business applications. What makes Samsung so unique and again a leader in the online smartphone market is the launch of their Samsung gear. This is where you can wear a watch and it connects to your smartphone allowing you to answer calls, check the weather, look at your calendar, take photos and video all on your wrist. I remember in the 80’s having a watch that had a calculator built in it and thinking I was so cool. I believe it was made by Casio and I got it at Bi- Way. Remember both of those names? Add Google goggles to the mix, and soon we will be wearing funny looking glasses, a watch that connects to our smartphone and all of it connected to the Internet that links our contact information and calendar all into one package. I’m still struggling with how this will make business more efficient and productive, but I can tell you I’m going to be supercool walking down the street with this technology strapped my hip, hanging off my face, wrapped around my wrist. I’ll never need to speak to a human in person again! When you see that cyborg walking down the street, just blink your eyes and I’ll add you to my contact list and we’ll setup a meeting next week.

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