You know him as Captain Kirk, T.J. Hooker and Denny Crane, and in December you can see him live on stage in Hamilton.

I’m talking about the one and only William Shatner. The Canadian actor, who brought to life such memorable television characters on Star Trek, T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal, brings his one-man show “Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It” to Hamilton Place Theatre on December 8th.

Okay, I have to admit, I can’t exactly call myself a big Shatner fan. But before all of you Shatner fanatics start harping on me, let me add that it’s probably  for lack of exposure. As a non-sci-fi fan, I’ve never once caught an episode of Star Trek; T.J Hooker was in syndication by the time I reached pre-school; and though I heard nothing but great things, I was dismissive of Boston Legal during its television course from 2004-2008.

But all this, I imagine, won’t hinder my enjoyment of his one-man show. Yes, I’ll be there, alongside his many admirers, when he takes the stage on the night of the 8th. And I’m excited too; the show debuted early this year on Broadway to positive reviews. The New York Times called it a “chatty, digressive and often amusing tour of his unusual acting career”, while Entertainment Weekly wrote, “Shatner has a seemingly bottomless reserve of energy, and Shatner’s World is undeniably fun.”

With the help of slides and video presentations, the 100-minute show will see the Canadian legend wax nostalgic about his life and work, from his early start as a Shakespearean stage actor to his breakthrough role as Captain Kirk, and beyond. Shatner said,  “I riff on a variety of subjects as divergent as love and motorcycles, comedy, death, music and Star Trek, horses, Boston Legal … interesting stories, funny stories and sad stories.”  It’s a safe bet Shatner will do a fair share of name-dropping too, having worked and befriended such a diverse array of stars from Leonard Nimoy to Heather Locklear.   All of that, delivered by what one Broadway critic calls Shatner’s “unique mix of candor, self-deprecation and grandiose ego” may very well have me walking out the door a new fan.

Shatner will perform two shows on December 8th, at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Tickets are now on sale through ticketmaster. The prices start at  $48 for regular tickets and go up to to $198 for V.I.P. tickets, which include a meet-and-greet, a photo with Shatner, and a commemorative poster .

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