I came, I saw, I concurred. This is my exact sentiment of the Sew Hungry event that was held Friday September 21st on Ottawa Street North.  Showcasing the best of street food, a total of 22 of the regions food trucks were serving up delicious delights.  I arrived just before noon to beat the masses of people that I knew would be lining up at the trucks to dip into some street cuisine.  To my surprise it was not as busy as the same event held in May.  This meant shorter wait times for good eats.  The first truck I saw turned out to be my favourite truck at the event, Buster’s Sea Cove.  Coming all the way from Toronto, Buster’s was one of the only trucks serving seafood on their menu.  With dishes like Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Taco’s being offered, I couldn’t bring myself to decide between the two (really how does one go about favouring lobster over shrimp or vice versa when they are both so delectable!), so I ordered them both.  First I tired the Lobster Rolls, which was more or less a hot dog like white bun filled with chunks of lobster that was slightly coated in a dressing.  The lobster was forefront in this roll and they definitely didn’t skimp out on the portion.  Served with a pickle and Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips, who wouldn’t be in seafood heaven? Next, I had the pleasure of devouring the most amazing shrimp tacos to grace my palate.  The shrimps were big and juicy and had just the right amount of crispy coating on them.  Under the shrimps was a purple cabbage slaw with sour cream that complimented the shrimp perfectly.  On top, was a spicy salsa that overall gave the tacos just the right amount of kick.  After leaving Buster’s having travelled to street food heaven, I was looking for street meat to tantalize my taste buds.  Poco Loco’s served chorizo burritos that were bite size but full of flavour and for $2 buck a pop you can’t go wrong.  Having dodged huge wait times, I noticed that the biggest line ups were at the most recognizable food trucks: Gorilla Cheese and Blue Donkey.   I guess people really love their grilled cheese and Greek food and having tried treats from both of these trucks at the last Sew Hungry, I can see why.  Parched as ever from all the food I had consumed, you could imagine my delight when I discovered that Green Smoothie Bar was giving away free samples of their raw, vegan smoothies that may not look like the most appealing smoothies, but were definitely some of the best I have ever had; full of fruity goodness with no sugar added.  I couldn’t leave without satisfying my sweet tooth, so I decided to get a coconut lime cupcake from Sweetness Bakery’s truck and I am so glad I did.  I was intoxicated with content, the cupcake was simply amazing. Not too sweet, super moist and that lime filling mixed with the coconut frosting rocked my world.  On a side note, taking a stroll on Ottawa street really made me realize the great stores that often go amiss, such as the numerous antique shops that featured amazing furniture in their windows.  I’ll have to remember to come back to Ottawa street not only for food, but for furniture and other accessories.  All in all, Sew hungry made me sew full, in the most amazing way.  I can’t wait to be sew full again in May.

Lobster Rolls.

Shrimp Tacos.

As a lover of all things food and drink related, I am a self prescribed "foodie" and live by the belief that good food and wine truly does warm the soul. My love for cuisine has been apparent since childhood, but it was my first fine dining experience in 2007 that really introduced me into the complexities of our palates and the extent to which good wine can enhance the flavour of any dish. I don't simply eat to live, I live to eat and it is my hope that this translates into my food critiques. Dobar tek as we say in Croatian, good eats!

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  1. jimhorton

    November 25th, 2012

    Ottawa street is better than Locke now. Ottawa’s strip is bigger, better urban vibe and greater variety of shoppes. And it still has room to get better whereby Locke st has maxed out.


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