Science does not need to be as complicated as it is too often made to sound. Break down the complexities to a few basic principles and it’s very straight forward. Cell function is a prime example. Cells, billions of them, essentially share one common denominator not unlike your car. Add fuel and it works. In the case of your cells the fuels are oxygen and sugar. But like your car, burning that fuel creates waste. Your car creates carbon emissions. In the cell, metabolized oxygen produces free radicals or electrons stolen from base molecule units. Remaining inside the individual cell, these free radicals interfere with cell function by damaging cell membranes cell proteins especially cell DNA and cell lipids not unlike the impact carbon buildup has on your vehicle cylinder heads. When these free radicals escape the individual cell they become a destructive force attacking vulnerable cell groups generating premature heart disease, neurological deterioration, and worse, somehow reving up cell metabolic functions to hyper levels leading to malignant growth generically called cancer. In non-specific terms these radicals are known as oxidants.



The problem is the human body is incapable of creating these disease fighters. We must import them. You already know the commonest of these vit A, vit C, vit E, and the mineral selenium although there are many unpronounceable others. The pharmaceutical juggernauts would have you believe their simple capsule solution is the answer. Expensive…and only partly correct. My recommendation….targeted food groups. Top of the list WILD blueberries (2x antioxidants of regular blueberries) followed by cranberries. They actually have the highest levels of phenols, one of the specific antioxidants and no pill provides the added benefits of treating recurrent urinary tract infection and preventing recurring kidney stones. Number three preference…raspberries. These contain high levels of vitamin C and ellegic acid with its chemo protective properties

I include nuts on this list. Pecans for their vitamin E content strengthening the immune system while preventing cell damage. Also high in magnesium content to strengthen bone structure and phytosterols known to lower bad cholesterol. Walnuts too, high in phenols plus the addition of calcium, potassium and magnesium. You won’t find all of this in any pill.

Artichoke hearts contain flavonoid anticarcinogens and rutins with their anti inflammatory and anti allergy properties.

Blackberries are high in vit C,E, and K as well as selenium and niacin. The high carotenoid levels is unmatched for eye health as is the high vit A level in cantaloupe For the more trendy, I’ve included kale. Nothing beats a green smoothie for vit A and C and lutein. Closing out my top TEN list and this one will get everyone’s attention,,,brewed ground coffee,  not the quick fix instant variety Antioxidants….almost impossible to live longer without them. They slow aging adding to longevity while detoxifying individual cells of all the organ systems, they reduce the risk of cancer, reduce the incidence of premature heart disease and even make your skin feel and look healthier.

Dr. David Carl


Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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