On this installment of my irregular column called The Gadget Camp I will review the all new Amazon Kindle Oasis E-reader.

Why you might ask? Kindle’s been around for years, it works well and people like it-so what gives?

Well I hope the Kindle might get me to read again. You see I’ve stopped reading. I stopped when I joined a book club.

In my book club they like a specific kind of book. If a person hasn’t drowned in a vat of arsenic in the first paragraph or lived a life of hopeless misery in India they won’t approve it for reading.

Our very first book was “We Need to Talk About Kevin. Kevin kills his father and his sister and most of his classmates. It’s not light reading. You can read this horror in the news everyday, so why spend your leisure time digesting more?

To get a book approved for reading at my club you have to pitch it and then we all vote with the smoky stuff they use to elect a new Pope.

I managed to slip one by the group and actually get a book approved, my only one in 10 years. It was called Choke. It’s about a guy who fakes choking in fine restaurants so he can get free meals for his near death experience.

They all hated it. They found it revolting. But no one was mad enough to use the “f” word in describing their rage, because no one uses the “f” word in my club.  I use the “f” word and use it liberally but have to contain my impulse or risk being labeled as a Tourettes sufferer by one of the psychiatrists in the group.

Our book club meets at 7 p.m. and initially we were provided with tasty, demure treats by our host. Then I hosted the so-called Christmas meeting-I think we might call it the holiday gathering or something, so I went full Martha Stewart. I made an eight layer Italian Rotollo, I made venison stuffed ravioli in chocolate sauce, and gnocchi Parisian and a German torte. Nearly every dish had flour in it, because almost all the members think gluten is evil. It’s possible that I even took medication before the meeting to further stoke my aggressive cooking instincts. They seem to love it, but not enough to say “This is really “f-ing good

I would be happy just to cook for the meetings because now I never read the books. I am a “fake” book club member with “fake” opinions on books I “faked” reading.

Give me a newspaper or a magazine and I’ll read it. I read Twitter and get diverted into worlds both foolish and fascinating. I read a lot on my phone which is stupid and perhaps ruining my eyes.

Could the Kindle turn me back to a fiction reader? The waterproof Oasis is a nice size to hold, the print on the 7-inch screen is easy on the eyes and is adjustable in multiple ways. The impressive battery delivers six weeks of standby time. Everything is grey, so colourful  photos can’t divert attention and it will play audio books. It’s pricy at $389 to $489, but is getting a string of rave reviews.

First thing I did was download a sample of Atlas Shrugged. I’m a few chapters in and it is filling me with dread. They say it foreshadows Trump’s America.  Now I can inhale that terror 24-7 without having to read it on a cold little E-reader.

I think I’ll go out and buy a New York Times, read some recipes, and sports and the arts section. Then I’ll cozy up to try and Re-Kindle my love of reading.

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