When you are purchasing specialty garments for your wardrobe, you must be sure to protect those investments by paying extra attention to their care and cleaning.

Dryclean or launder? The question is not totally straightforward because often a judgement needs to be made based on personal preferences and the opinion of the drycleaner. Start by reading the care label. If it says dry clean only, you might be able to launder it if you are a meticulous laun­derer. That is your risk and judgement. If you are any bit careless in the laundry room, leave the cleaning to the experts!

A great recommen­dation is to find a local, independently operated drycleaner. In this type of a business, you will get some extra TLC for your clothing and are guaranteed valuable, informed service.

A visit to Parkers of Burlington with owner Dion Walton opened my eyes to the added value of an owner operated business. First of all, Dion was very familiar with the finer menswear brands. If you own a Robert Graham shirt, for example (and there were lots of them there getting cleaned), you will appreciate the “mixed media” look that is stylish and popular. When different types of fabrics are mixed in one garment, cleaning can be more of a challenge. You want to be sure that those fine details are paid close attention to.

That vibrant colour is why you bought that new piece, right? You want to be sure that the drycleaner is con­scious of that when making the decision on how to clean your garment.

Walton explained that his business originated in 1950 and that James Parker, the original owner, had ances­tors whose experience in dry cleaning dated back to 1857. Parkers of Burlington is a Sanitone Certified Master Dry Cleaner. Relate this to a fine salon shampoo and conditioner for your clothes – the process gently cleans and conditions to help your garments hold up better, smell fresher and keep col­ours longer.

Each garment is con­sidered carefully when the cleaning process is selected – hand laundering included. Walton walked me through the whole process, from start to finish and explained that the quality and type of certain pieces of equipment makes small, important differences to the outcome of the service – no shine marks around the creases of your pants, sharper pressing and steaming of shirts, no broken buttons. Walton himself treats difficult stains – there was a rack of marked clothing for him to attend to and he takes great pride and challenge in that task.

Your garments deserve this type of care! An owner operated, independent dry cleaner that you can trust can help you protect you in­vestments with confidence.

Ask for a tour and see for yourself!

Joelle Goddard- Cooling and her husband Jeff Cooling are the owners of Joelle’s and Jeff ’s Guyshop and are partners with Lou Frasca and Dan Bishop at Scrivener’s Men’s Apparel. All three businesses are located on Brant Street in Downtown Burlington. 

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