Dalton McGuinty’s resignation is  appropriate from a timing standpoint given that he has been premier for 9 years. When the Tories were enjoying their 42 year run they would change leaders every decade or so…deftly satisfying the voters’ desire for change without an actual change in government. Whether something similar can work in 2012 is another matter. The Liberal front bench looks pretty tired compared to the Tory caucuses of the days of Frost, Robarts and Davis. Had McGuinty garnered one more seat last fall, or in the by-election this year, it would have made his exit easier; but faced with going now or trying to lead the party through another election, the timing of which would be out of his control he chose to go now. The prospect of fighting an election over Hydro, unhappy teachers and public servants, and a stubborn deficit would be a Kamikaze mission.

He took the additional step of proroguing the legislature in order to buy some time for the party to regroup. The Liberals are hoping that the combination of a new face in the Premier’s office with Mr Hudak’s and Ms Horvath’s relative inexperience,will result in one more life for this tired cat.

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