Atlantic Canada has been touched in the past decade by increasing numbers of storms which have shown the fragility of this coastal ecosystem. All climate scenarios for this region predict sea level rise, continuous coastal erosion, and increasing frequency in storm surges. The impacts are important for the natural and human components of this ecosystem.

In this talk Liette Vasseur will describe some of the actions that have been taken to examine the potential impacts of these predictions as well as the steps and activities being taken right now to try to adapt and improve resilience of these communities. Although the subject remains very emotional for some, there is now a general consensus among decision makers and stakeholders that it is time to move forward to transform the communities of today to more sustainable communities for tomorrow.

Liette Vasseur is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Brock University and a Minjian Scholar at the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, in Fuzhou, China. Her research program encompasses a strong transdisciplinary component which links ecological and social components of the ecosystem as a means to discover community-based solutions that protect functions and services in rural or coastal ecosystems where human activities are usually intimately linked to natural resources. Her projects focus on rural and Atlantic coastal communities in Canada as well as rural communities of Burkina Faso and China. Among these projects, she is in the codirectionof a SSHRC Community-University Research Alliance project called Coastal Communities Challenges which examine with several Atlantic coastal communities ways to adapt and improve resilience to climate change.

This FREE public seminar will be held at:

McMaster Innovation Park
Conference Room 1A
175 Longwood South
Hamilton, ON

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