As promised the province has gone ahead with a directive to reduce the high cost of parking at hospitals. Now hospitals that charge more than $10 per day for parking must offer discounted passes that effectively cut the daily maximum rates for frequent visitors by at least 50 per cent.
Hospitals with a daily maximum rate of more than $10 are now providing 5-, 10- and 30-day passes that are discounted by at least 50 per cent off the daily maximum rate. The passes are transferrable among patients, caregivers and their vehicles and are equipped with in-and-out privileges throughout a 24-hour period. Parking has become a significant revenue source for hospitals. Hamilton Health Sciences receives more than $11 Million per year from its parking operations. It is expected the revenue loss will be partially offset by increasing fees for employee parking.
About 900,000 patients and visitors per year across Ontario — including 135,000 seniors — are expected to benefit from reduced parking fees.

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