The new Paramore album is landing in stores April 9th.  This is the rebirth of the band after their disbanding in 2010 and reforming with Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy in 2011.

The album is a very pop-stimulated record, with Williams, the lead singer showcasing a playful side of her vocal talent.  The opening track Fast In My Car, and in their lead single Now showcases their new direction.

Fans of My Heart and The Only Exception will be happy with Paramore’s new song Grow Up, which features a catchy experiment involving Williams’s voice, who  uses influences from 80s pop synth. This works pretty well, with the affectionate and emotional track Daydreaming. Some other tracks of similar importance include the Last Hope and Hate to See Your Heart Break.

Amongst the new experimental sounds, the band features brief  interludes reminiscent of their older sound  between tracks to infuse a rich listening experience between the old and “new” Paramore.

Between all 17 tracks, none of them are throw-aways, which is hard to say for many albums released within the pop-synth genre. From the easy going Fast In My Car to the threatening and enigmatic Future, the band has created a top-notch album. The lyrics hint towards the band’s awkward past. However, the album reflects a positive departure towards the future.

My Top Five Songs:
1. “(One of Those) Crazy Girls”
2. “Part II”
3. “Now”
4. “Still Into You”
5. “Hate to See Your Heart Break”

If this is the new Paramore we will have to be listening to for the next few years, it’s no disappointment. This new self-titled album is easily Paramore’s best work yet. If this album should have been a lifesaver for the band, it did more then just saved the band, Paramore is back and better than ever.


1.“Fast in My Car” (Williams, York, Meldal-Johnsen)3:43
3.“Grow Up”3:51
5.“Interlude: Moving On”1:30
6.“Ain’t It Fun” (Williams, York, Meldal-Johnsen)4:57
7.“Part II” (Williams, York, Meldal-Johnsen)4:41
8.“Last Hope”5:10
9.“Still into You”3:36
10.“Anklebiters” (Williams, York, Meldal-Johnsen)2:18
11.“Interlude: Holiday” (Williams, Davis)1:10
12.“Proof” (Williams, York, Meldal-Johnsen)3:15
13.“Hate to See Your Heart Break”5:09
14.“(One of Those) Crazy Girls”3:33
15.“Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore”0:53
16.“Be Alone”3:40
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