Branding has become a staple in the marketing and advertising world.  Major corporations create brand awareness to generate brand loyalty.  They procure this loyalty through flashy ad campaigns, catchy headlines, and a whole lot of sex thrown down our consumer brand hungry throats.

"What you see is what you get"

Today in the online dating worlds people brand themselves.  We create our profiles and target our favorite demographics using our own ad campaigns consisting of pictures, lifestyle information, and the most important part of all description of what we’re looking for.  This is all made easy and brought to our fingertips by the branding specialists – the online dating platforms

It has been recorded that as far back as the 1700’s people were using personal ad columns to find counterparts. “Classified: The Secret History of the Personal Column” (Random House Books, 2009).  Although at that time it wasn’t socially acceptable to be posting these ads, it was far worse to still be unmarried at ages as young as 21.

Modern online sites began to mushroom in the early to mid 90’s when and were started.  You can sign up for many different types of dating sites to suit your every desire or need-literally to name a few of the more obscure ones:

  • 420 Dating – (for our marijuana smokers)
  • Scientific Match –(utilizing DNA to match users)
  • Positive Singles – (users with Herpes, HIV,  HPV and other STI’s)
  • My Free Implants – (male users offer up a new chest in hopes of keeping the gal)
  • Diaper Mates – (users share the fetish of spending time in diapers and literally being pampered)


"Come together-right now.....over binary"

Some of the more widely used dating sites by Canadians include

  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Zoosk

Each site claims to be the answer to our personal needs, all of them boasting of past success stories surrounding marriages or “hook-ups” depending on the site.

Users of these sites have complete control over describing themselves as little or as in depth as they so desire, and do so by adding a picture and filling in any and all information to give a quick snapshot sneak peak into their life or lifestyle.

As the popularity of the online dating sites grows so does the number of pop up ads daters are bombarded with luring them to a more casual type of encounter.   These ads and banners are now scattered around free sites such as Plenty of Fish boasting of foreign men or women lined up looking for a marriage certificate and the possibility of Canadian lifestyle, or locals who want to get laid.

In some studies from our southern friends it has been suggested that 1 in 5 marriages are ruined by Facebook (Loyola University) and that marriages with couples in the age range of 20-24 are the highest divorce rate in the country.  It so seems that as our lives get more attached online and within our social networks individuals and couples alike are forgetting societal norms.  Flirting with old friends or past lovers can found on any given day- it is almost becoming more normal to hear a friend speaking intimately about someone they saw online rather than their spouse.

Today there are even sites dedicated for people within unhappy marriages who want to play the field and get an extra weekly workout.  It begs the question as to what happens next.  We all know that sex is the ultimate seller, and the Internet is the ultimate selling tool.  Combined the two make up one of the largest industries in the world- porn – and it has master-branders hard at work each day.

Surfing the web for sex may still be out of the mainstream, however the very same thoughts existed in the 1700’s when advertisers would be looking for love and marriage.  Like it or not whether one is looking for love or lust, in any kind of shape, form or costume the information superhighway has a  made vehicle waiting.

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