Take a look at Andrew Coyne’s article in today’s National Post. It’s not just the Harper Tories who have made a mockery of democracy by reducing the relevance of ordinary MP’s The Liberals were just as bad when in power. If we fix this we fix a lot of what is wrong with Parliamentary government these days.

National Post Article

Rosie Di Manno in discussing whether or not Rob Ford needs to go into rehab; summed up my feelings yesterday, at least in part, when she made the point that there ought to be at least an element of discomfort in any member of the media taking issue with a politician over drunkenness. Historically, no profession has harboured more drunks than journalism, at least that was the case when I first got into the business. The decline of press clubs across Canada, underlines the slow march of journalism, from the booze-fueled excesses of writers up to maybe 1980, to the offerings of the moralistic tribe who dominate the craft now. Do you think that journalism has improved?

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