North by Northeast (NXNE) is celebrating their 20th year anniversary in Toronto, running from June 13 to June 22nd. The Festival includes: music, art, film and comedy. Alongside an interactive session for networking between newcomers and industry professionals. The festival is largely focused on music and is set to showcase 800 bands procured from all across Canada and the International Stage. Attendance is expected to be greater than last year’s 350,000. The festival will also be featuring 30 films and 150 comedians set around various venues.

NXNE is geared to be one of the best summer music and entertainment festivals. The Bay Observer will be featuring select festivals this season and NXNE is very worthy of making the trip down to Toronto. Exclusive interviews and coverage will be featured in our upcoming edition as well. There are a couple ways to gain access to the festival – Music only Wristband ($149) or the Platinum Badge ($599) providing exclusive access to all events, Film Wristband ($50), and Comedy Wristband ($50). Detailed Information here.

  • NXNE Film: June 13-15 & 22
  • NXNE Art: June 16-22
  • NXNE Comedy: June 17-22
  • NXNE Interactive: June 18-21
  • NXNE Music: June 18-22
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