The notices have been up for some time but effective today the city is rolling out new eligibility criteria for their Accessible Transportation Services.

The new eligibility requirements will affect new customers of the DARTS service, the specialized transit service in Hamilton. The new policy includes a revised registration process which features a new application form, a functional assessment if required, and an in-person orientation.

All assessments will be completed by an independent, third party agency and won’t be conducted by the City of Hamilton. Results of those assessments will determine whether a person is eligible for using DARTS or should use conventional transit.

Current DARTS passengers are not affected by the new eligibility policy and will not need to reapply for service.

“Council has put its words into action,” said Don Hull, Director of Transportation. “Through the Corporate Strategic Plan, Council prioritized the implementation of the Accessibility for Ontarian’s with Disabilities Act (AODA). The City is committed to providing equitable, affordable, and accessible transportation to all Hamilton residents, inclusive of all forms of functional mobility.”

Eligibility for DARTS service will be based on a person’s functional abilities (e.g. physical, cognitive, and sensory), and on their environment as to whether they are able to use regular HSR bus service.

Current Taxi Scrip passengers who may not have qualified for DARTS service in the past are now able to reapply for ATS.

More information regarding the application process, as well as a copy of the new application form is available on the city’s website and by calling the ATS Customer Service at 905-529-1212 and press 1.

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