Lil’ Rev visits Dundas
Saturday 2 June 2018
110 enthusiastic ukulele students enjoyed two workshops and a concert by Lil’ Rev, acclaimed ukulele player and teacher from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lil’ Rev has taught ukulele-playing internationally for over 20 years. He is a recording artist, author of a number of books on music, and an adjunct music historian and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin. He has won many awards and was inducted into the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in 2003. A ukulele wizard, Lil’ Rev has a great attitude to playing and teaching, best summed up when he says “music isn’t just about entertainment, it has the ability to lift spirits and empower human beings.”
This event was hosted by String Along Ukulele, a popular ukulele school in Dundas that has actively taught local adults since September 2006.
String Along Ukulele is owned by Norm and Elayne Ruplen who teach ukulele-playing at levels from beginner to advanced, as well as hosting monthly ukulele Pub Jams. Their unique teaching methods get students playing and singing right from the very first lesson. Both Norm and Elayne are retired teachers and have been playing and teaching the ukulele for many years. They presently work with more than 130 students from the local area and beyond.
Over the years String Along has invited numerous visiting ukulele teachers to Dundas, including well-known musicians Stu Fuchs and James Hill.
The next introductory Beginners Ukulele classes will be starting this summer. Those interested in learning to play can contact Elayne at

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