Undocumented immigrants.  More accurately, people living illegally in Canada.  A highly offensive notion to those who view no one as illegal residents of this sovereign state, Canada. Their view is as irrelevant as the term undocumented immigrant is nonsensical.

In order to assume legal resident status in Canada it is necessary first to obtain federally accepted documentation which makes it so.  Of course, as long as Quebec remains a semi-sovereign partner within confederation any undocumented resident of the province must premierement satisfy Quebec City that he or she meets fundamental residency requirements as defined by Le Gouvernement du Quebec.

Montreal and Toronto have thumbed their noses at the rules of Quebec and Canada by declaring themselves sanctuary cities where the undocumented or illegals may avail themselves of taxpayer funded social and other services without fearing municipally initiated detention or deportation.

Canada’s sanctuary cities list includes Hamilton, London and Vancouver.  Ottawa council will this month likely shift the ‘shall we become the next sanctuary Canadian city’ question to its community and protective services committee, which in turn will engage the general public for input.  Mayor Jim Watson has reportedly indicated very little support for the SC designation exists among council members.

According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll Americans also have little appetite for living in designated sanctuary cities.  80% are of the view undocumented immigrants (illegal residents) with outstanding warrants should find as their next stop a detention cell supervised by U.S. Immigration.

While they’re at it, Americans added that by majority they support their new POTUS Donald Trump and his EA (Executive Order) to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico, as well as the president’s court kicked to the curb immigration pause.  U.S. citizens are onside with Mr. Trump’s threat of federal funding revocation as the future for any city willing to challenge his resolve by adding the term ‘sanctuary.’

Back to Canada, or more accurately, Quebec.  Mayor Denis Coderre voted with his council to declare Montreal a sanctuary city because “of what’s happening in the United States” and for good measure “what I’m witnessing in Europe.”  It’s my guess that in an earlier political incarnation as federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in the government of Jean Chretien, this same Denis Coderre would have parked himself in my studio declaring an official and inalterable view sanctuary cities are an affront to federal power and daring any Mayor to try his resolve.

Count the Mayors of Regina and Saskatoon as possibly among that group.

Coderre’s intent is now to establish virtual citizenship for the undocumented with access to health care, education and social housing.

The Mayor and his counterparts across Canada are fully cognizant police are under no obligation to honour any city’s sanctuary city declaration and are fully free to turn over to Canada’s border agents any and all municipally declared non-citizens under sanctuary protection.

Meanwhile, it appears people globally who seek to enter Canada waiting their turn while satisfying the federally determined vetting process are more respectful of our national rule of law than more than a few municipal politicians.


Roy green

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