181 Jackson West: Scene of stabbings and drug trafficking

As residents of the Vanier Tower Complex at Jackson and Hess gear up for community action against violence and drug trafficking, cooler heads prevail after yesterdays heated exchange between Vanier resident Peter Llewellyn and Coun. Brian McHattie, President of Hamilton Housing. However residents remain mistrustful to Community Housing’s willingness to clamp down on the thugs.

Sent: Monday, May 28, 2012 2:29 PM
Subject: Re: Stabbing @ 95 Hess South – May 26 2012- bayobserver.ca
Peter, Brian has worked hard to improve CHH. I understand you are angry, but please show him some respect for his good work as a public servant. Many of us have had our issues over the years with how the city functions, but Brian is one of the good guys.
Peter Llewellyn’s response:
You’re absolutely right Alan. My comments were over the top & unacceptable. Please accept my apology Councilor McHattie. We all need to work together Sir. Peter Llewellyn

Peter Hasek (resident) to Janice Brown, Durand Neighbourhood Assn

Hi Janice, I was reading the page in the Bay Observerwhere Councillor

McHattie said he did not realize that Graham was officially representing
DURAND ASSOCIATION, and that they thought he was representing his
day job, at the Christian Center, which might be a conflict-of-interest.

FYI: a few weeks ago, Graham Cubitt visited me at St. Joe’s during one
of my dialysis treatments and provided details about how Graham got the
“okay” from his boss, Jeffrey Neven, to get involved with Jason’s Farrs
Security Task Force, as a representative of the Durand Association.

I said “great” to Graham because “wearing two hats,” was the best way to
go. I didn’t want our Task Force conversations (his-and-mine) to be shared
in his meetings with CityHousing senior staff, outside Task Force meetings.

I said to Graham that if he has the internal discipline to maintain this
separation, then I would welcome him on the TASK FORCE. However,
and generally speaking, I understand how it would be tempting to provide
TASK FORCE “insider information” to CityHousing staff, as a way to
ingratiate and bolster both personal and professional relationships.

Apparently and unfortunately, the formal arrangement for Graham Cubitt
to represent the Durand Association was not communicated effectively
to the Councillors Farr & McHattie until it was too late.

In my opinion, the Security Task Force needs deep representation from
trusted and professional member of the community so we can trade notes and
keep “tabs” on where the criminal-types are setting-up shop. Given a choice,
I always prefer to work with someone in the field who has a job to protect.

Almost all trust and goodwill between CityHousing tenants and CityHousing
senior staff and board has been exhausted. There is the perception that this
new Task Force is being stacked with the very same CityHousing staffers
who indirectly contrubute to the problems of drugs and criminal activities at
181 Jackson and 95 Hess. This has some basis in truth. So, that is why
the situation needs a very carefully controlled intervention.

So, I’m telling everyone involved that, for the first few meetings, we should
all just “take a Vallium, or, blood pressure pills” so we can take advantage
of the opportunity that Councillor Jason Farr has created for us.

Peter Llewellyn’s salutation to Councilor McHattie, “You Sir are a pompous ass,”
reminds me of a line from that old Saturday Night Live skit, “Jane, you ignorant sl–”
It’s unfortunate because, buried in Peter’s insults and challenges, are some core truths.

Although this Securitiy Task Force is spearhead by Jason Farr, is working
under the delegated authority of Chair McHattie and the CityHouisng board.

There is a school-of-thought that something as important as this Security
Task Force should have been created by a standing committee of council,
like the GIC or Health. My prediction is that at some point, the Task Force
activities will out-strip the capacity and auhtority of the CityHousing Hamilton,
and this transition will take place. But, we’re not there yet.

Anyways, Llewellyn’s message above could have carried a lot more weight
if that unfortunate salutation and misplaced challenges were left out.

Providing a Fresh Perspective for Burlington and Hamilton.

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  1. SarahGenevieveMartel

    May 30th, 2012

    So glad I got out of that dump!!! Things have escalated and now there are drug wars and stabbings going on in the building I used to live 95 Hess!!! That place was so unsafe to live! I would find used uncapped drug needles all over the property while trying to walk my dog!!  I would be terrified by loud booming noises when the police were raiding apartments. And the drug dealers never had to leave. They always came back. People throwing garbage and sharp objects at u from the balconies, one time I almost got hot soup poured on me while smoking out front. Not to mention the cockroaches and getting bitten by bed bugs!!! Both those buildings are infested…disgusting. I know I had a bad feeling and moved away 5 months ago. Boy, am I ever glad I did!!!


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