$105 Million spent so far

The provincial government has ordered Metrolinx to pause its property acquisition efforts in Hamilton. It had earlier been reported that all Metrolinx projects in the GTAH were halted but a spokesperson for Metrolinx confirmed to the Bay Observer that the acquisition freeze only applied to Hamilton. So far the transit agency has spent $105 Million in Hamilton and out of that amount $45 Million has been spent to acquire property along the route. That means Metrolinx had spent almost $30 Million on property in the current year alone. To date, Metrolinx has acquired approximately 45 properties as part of the Hamilton LRT project. These are properties that have been closed on, and are now registered under Metrolinx.

As of end of July 2018 Metrolinx has committed $137 million and of that commitment spent $105 million. This includes expenditures on the project dating back to 2007, including costs to complete the original environmental assessment for the project in 2011, the environmental assessment update in 2017, and staff costs over that time period to present. The committed figure also includes current commitments for consulting contracts to prepare all project design and engineering work, tender documents, and project oversight during the procurement and construction periods; and costs associated with property acquisition, leased spaces, and hard costs such as printing and equipment. The $32 Million committed but not spent is contingent on the project going forward.

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