Meridian Brick is hosting an information meeting on the quarry expansion the evening of Wednesday, November 29th.

Location: Crossroads Centre, 1295 North Service Road (corner of Kerns Road), Burlington
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Meridian has announced that their experts will be providing updates on all of their studies related to the proposed expansion of their quarry. This is a follow-up to an information session held in May this year.

Visit for more information on this meeting as well as information on recent activities and initiatives by the Tyandaga Environment Coalition (TEC) in response to the proposed clear cutting of approx. 9,000 trees for an urban quarry that mines shale for brick production.

The threatened area contains 35 acres of prime forest, habitat to a number of at-risk and endangered species, including an endangered Jefferson-dependent unisexual salamander that was discovered the spring of 2017. The proposed quarry expansion would now come as close as 35m to the densely populated Tyandaga neighbourhood, threatening the health and well-being of the community.

Our position is that a full and complete review of this site is required by the appropriate experts. This evaluation should be conducted based on the current demographics and in accordance to current environmental laws and regulations of Ontario, not the jurisprudence in effect in 1972 when the quarry licence was issued under the now defunct Pits and Quarries Act. A lot has changed since 1972! Furthermore, all technical studies issued by Meridian Brick should undergo proper peer reviews by the City of Burlington and the Halton Medical Officer of Health.

This is a community issue and the timeline is critical as Meridian Brick could start clear-cutting this forest as early as this winter. We hope you will join TEC at the upcoming Meridian Brick Information meeting.

Help us preserve this beautiful Carolinian forest for generations to come.

With thanks,

The TEC Team (website)

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