There is no need for the US media to jump to conclusions about Donald Trump that are not supported by facts, or at least not yet verified by facts. Trump is giving the media all kinds of free stuff, “own goals” and untruths; so why do TV commentators particularly undermine their credibility by being to quick to demonstrate their bias? Case in point. Somebody has leaked a 2005 summary of Trump’s tax return showing he made about $150 million that year and paid $38 Million in taxes. MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell says that is proof Trump was not truthful when he bragged about paying “hundreds of Millions” in taxes. The release of one 11 year old tax return doesn’t prove anything. Trump has filed at least 10 returns since then. Who knows how much money he has made—or lost– since 2005? So far there have only been two Trump tax returns made public—one from 1995 and the 2005 return. To draw any conclusions from that skimpy sample only makes the media look stupid and unprofessional. This guy is filling his net with pucks with his buffoonery. This is the time for the media to act with restraint and dignity and lay off their obsession with stating the obvious.

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