The City of Burlington has for the second consecutive year proclaimed March to be designated as Probus Month.

Probus was founded in England back in 1965 as an offshoot of Rotary Club, when it’s members recognized there was a need for a social organization that would provide regular and ongoing fellowship, plus a wide range of activities for those in retirement, who wanted and valued opportunities to meet people in similar circumstances with whom they could share a myriad of interests.

The first Probus Club in Canada began operations in Cambridge, Ontario in 1987, followed in 1989 by a club in Burlington where the City now hosts four women’s clubs and two men’s clubs with more than 1200 members.  Probus has grown to 240 clubs across Canada and representing over 32,000 members.

Worldwide, Probus has a network of more than 4000 Clubs and over 400,000 members.  Probus is  independent of other organizations.

Probus club activities fall into two parts: a monthly meeting consisting of club business, followed by a speaker who could range from a popular author to an expert on a host of interesting subjects, follow by discussion.

In addition to the monthly meetings, Probus members participate in groups with varying interests ranging from computers, curling, hiking, books, cards, lifestyle activities, or attendance at social or sporting events.  There is  generally a Probus group that will be of interest to everyone.

The only requirement of membership is to be a minimum 55 years of age and to be retired or semi retired; however members are typically over sixty, with some approaching 90.

In aid of the City of Burlington’s Proclamation that March be Probus Month, Mayor Rick Goldring said;

Among the many opportunities Probus Clubs offer, perhaps the greatest is friendship. These are bonds that add meaning, value and happiness to the


lives of Probus Members here in our great City of Burlington. This increases the quality of life and I believe that is exactly what the Probus Clubs of Burlington achieve.”


Membership enquiries are welcome at all Probus Clubs in Burlington at

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