There is compelling evidence that specialty or “niche” titles like the Bay Observer are doing just fine and continue to be important for niche brands. Niche titles account for almost all of the circulation gainers in recent years. Circulation and ad page numbers are not the only things to consider when evaluating print. It’s not only the quantity of a medium’s audience that’s important; you need to focus on the quality of the audience and whether or not they have an interest in your type of product as well. Those who continue to subscribe to a given niche magazine have high interest in the category, are loyal to it, are prime candidates to buy and are powerful influencers in their social circles. Print ads are more powerful visually compared to most Internet banner ads and there is evidence that suggests that print ads are more potent sales tools as illustrated by an article in Gardner Business Media that said: niche print publications blew TV and online away in driving positive shifts in intention to buy.” Furthermore, print seems to be especially effective with luxury buyers. In a 2013 study showed that print publications ranked second among all ad channels for reach and effectiveness with household incomes of $250K and up. Add to that its long shelf life, pass-along circulation and high credibility and you can see why carefully selected print media can be a good value for niche brands.

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