Installation of the new electronic “wayfinding” signage for the MacNab Transit Terminal is still on target, according a representative of the city.

“At this point, it doesn’t sound like there is a firm date for the installation of the wayfinding signage,” Kelly Anderson from Public Works stated on Tuesday, “but it will be installed before the end of this year.”

In May the Public Works Committee approved the recommendation from city staff to install digital next bus signs at each of the seven platforms at the downtown bus terminal as well as a larger digital screen with information for more routes within the terminal building on MacNab Street.

Funding for the project comes from the Metrolinx “Quick Wins” Reserve. The city received $29.8 million in capital funding for transit related projects from the province in 2008. The new signage will be installed at a cost of $565,000.

Mockup of the Terminal Signage

They system display within the terminal will contain route information for buses entering the terminal but will also have the ability to show upcoming bus times for other routes that pass close by but don’t actually enter the terminal, including buses on King Street West, Main Street West or James Street South. The signs would display the departure time of the next bus at the stop. In case of a delay, through the GPS installed on every bus, the system could display an updated arrival of the next bus in real time.

The technology could also be expanded and installed in other locations around the city, most notably the other transit terminals such as Eastgate Square, LimeRidge Mall and the proposed Mohawk College Transit Terminal. Signage could eventually also be included at individual bus stops.

The equipment and system is scheduled to be installed at the MacNab Transit Terminal building before the end of the year.

Another downtown transit project which has already been pushed back once likely won’t start until the new year.

Originally approved by council last November, the project will see the east curbside lane on King street from John to Bay transitioned to use exclusively by transit during rush hour. The project was originally delayed in the spring due to other construction in the downtown core.

“Staff are preparing a recommendation report that will go to Council in December or January,” Kelly Anderson stated. More details should be known once the report has been released.

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    Cool. It’ll be like an airport signage.


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