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LRT and secret meetings

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust elected representatives who don’t trust themselves to attend a semi-private meeting with an elected minister of the Crown. Our councillors and the minister are all trustees of the public good by virtue of their election. The eventual outcome of these negotiations will have to come before council and the public for ratification. At that point we can determine whether the public’s best interests have been served. Councillors who have no problem at all going in camera to discuss a million dollar legal tab that was essentially run up to protect the reputation of one councillor, apparently go all weak in the knees at the prospect of attending a meeting where there is a billion dollars in infrastructure on the line. Anybody who thinks there can be meaningful negotiations on a matter of this complexity and magnitude in a public bear pit is kidding themselves or kidding their constituents. We elect people we trust. If they don’t trust themselves, we should vote them out.

Written by: John Best

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  1. We certainly do not elect people we trust, not if we’re adult about politics. We elect the people over whom we think we can exercise the most leverage. Transparency enables that leverage.

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